Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Movement Lab? How will it help me?

Clients come to The Movement Lab for many reasons. Some are looking for relief from pain or injury, some are looking to improve their mobility and balance, and many just enjoy the work and how they feel afterwards! These are all great reasons to get started on your movement journey and we look forward to helping you find what works for you.

Where do I begin?

Depending on your goals you may decide to focus on either Gyrotonic, Pilates, or Personal Training exclusively, give them each a try, or in practice them in combination. We will work together with you to create balance in your training in the short term and over a lifetime! Please contact us to schedule a session and we can help you decide where to begin.

What is the GYROTONIC® Method?

The GYROTONIC® Method might best be described as resistance training that focuses on the mobility, strength, and decompression of the spine and joints. The process starts out gently but can get more demanding as your experience and understanding increases. The specialized machinery used in the system provides a framework for the exercises and provides the proper support and range of motion to allow you to safely progress towards more demanding work. It is incredibly rejuvenating for the body and you will feel more like you’ve had a message then a workout.

What is the GYROKINESIS® Method?

Like GYROTONIC® exercises, GYROKINESIS® exercise will expand the body and create length, strength, and balance. All you’ll need for equipment is a mat and a stool or chair, making it ideal for a home practice, group class, and virtual sessions.